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Basic Overview of SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is a term referring to how well a webpage ranks in a Google search, Bing search, Yahoo search, or the search of any other search engine. SEO can get pretty complicated, so we’ve got a team of experts that make sure our client’s websites get featured well by search engines.

The goal of SEO is to rank well in SERPs, or search engine results pages. This means, that if you’re a coffee shop in New York, you’d want to rank in the top spot when someone Googled, “best coffee in New York.”


The way a webpage ranks in a search engine results page is by using keywords. A keyword is a word or phrase that is often searched by your target audience or target market. For example, let’s say your an online shop for women’s shoes. You would want your homepage to show up when someone Googles, “women’s shoes.” And, you might also want your product page featuring women’s boots to show up in the search results for “women’s boots.”

Optimizing your webpages for keyword search is one of the top ways for driving website traffic and increasing your business revenue. For example, the search term we mentioned, “women’s boots,” receives over 100k searches per month. So, can you imagine how much traffic your website would receive if 100k more eyeballs saw a link to it every month in a search engine result page?


Each company has hundreds if not thousands of potential keywords and keyword phrases that receive many search results from their target markets. It’s time consuming and tedious to find the right keywords to optimize each page for.

At Basic Websites, we take that off of our client’s shoulders and handle it all in house, using professional SEO managers. We build traffic-garnering SEO plans for each and every one of our customers. And, we implement those plans into your new site.


With each client, we go step-by-step to determine your target market and a set of keywords that they likely search when trying to find products or services that match yours.

We also get familiar with what your competitors are ranking for. And we use that information to build an SEO plan for your business that’s sure to outrank the SEO of your competitors.



SEO is an ongoing process, it isn’t a one-time deal. It’s something that companies have to work on every day in order to stay ranking for their priority keywords and phrases.

We use tools to audit, track, and optimize the progress of your SEO rankings. We can benchmark and baseline selected keywords and monitor your site’s performance over time based on the performance of your chosen keywords.



We use a set of tools to dig deeper into SEO keyword research than most companies. We build robust lists of keywords that you need to rank for in order to grab the attention of potential customers and outrank your competition.


We monitor the performance of your website’s keyword rankings over time so that we can make adjustments and improvements as needed. SEO is an ongoing job, and it requires tweaking here and there to ensure you’re consistently getting ranked in the top of search results.




Search engine algorithms change very frequently. With that, it can be challenging to stay on top of the latest SEO best-practices and implementation guidelines. These can literally change on a near daily basis.

We use tools that help us monitor these changes and optimize the SEO of our client’s websites based on the quick changes that search engines are prone to making.

Usability & Accessibility Optimization

One key tenet of search engine optimization is ensuring that your site is both accessible and usable. Our SEO experts work hand-in-hand with our design and development crew to make sure your site is responsive, accessible to those with any disability, and user-friendly for all.



Content is likely the chief tenet of search engine optimization. You must have excellent content on your website to rank well. Good news! We’ve got a team of expert content creators who can help write quality, seo-friendly copy for your site. Our content team can also help you manage your blog and the articles for your blog to ensure you stay in the top search results for your selected keywords.


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