We give the power back to our clients and provide a site that offers quick and easy page management without the need for confusing and complicated software.



Since the Basic Websites team is comprised of experts in design, development, SEO, and more—you will be in 100% control of each and every detail of your new website. From the logo down to the backend code. What’s more, we can manage that entire process for you.

We can also tailor and implement the content management system that you will use to update and change content on your new site. Our customers love how easy we make it to make changes to their websites. It’s important that you be able to edit your site as needed both quickly and easily.


Security isn’t something to skimp on these days. We ensure that all of our client’s websites are safe and secure for both you and your customers. All of our client’s sites are built with SSL/TLS ensuring all of your data and customer data is encrypted.



Your conUptime is the most important metric to your web business. It’s the measure of how long your site is working, and live, divided by how long it’s inactive—or not working. If customers can’t access your website, they can’t shop in your web store, they can’t read your case studies, they can’t check out your latest blog post, and your business loses money for every second your site is down. We make sure that our client’s sites use hosting that guarantees 99.9% uptime.


Social Media


Social media is an excellent driver of web traffic and an equally excellent means of supporting customers and nurturing a community. We help our clients integrate social media accounts into their web pages so that customers can easily navigate and follow your social profiles.


We take the stress and worry of domain registration and renewal out of our client’s hands and handle it in a timely manner. Many companies juggle multiple domains or forget to renew, meaning not only do their website’s not function, but their customers cannot email them, as email is connected to those domains.


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